Established in 2004, Dreams Consultancy Ltd. has a rich history spanning over 23 years, our company has been dedicated to providing expert consultancy and professional services to clients across the private, public, NHS, and financial sectors.

Our dynamic team has adeptly navigated transformative challenges in various industries, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with a touch of ingenuity, using off the shelf solution where possible and building custom system when required to achieve the best return on clients investment. From tackling national programmes that affect millions of patients in UK to crafting strategic consulting solution for private companies to achieve their compliance accreditation. Dreams Consultancy Ltd. has become synonymous with visionary, client-centric solutions.

We've cultivated a reputation for our forward-thinking approach, and our journey has been characterized by a fervent passion for excellence. At Dreams Consultancy Ltd., we pride ourselves on bringing integrity and a relentless pursuit of success to every project. As a result, our clients have come to expect nothing less than top-notch solutions that exceed their expectations.

Embark on a journey with Dreams Consultancy Ltd. and discover a world of possibilities. Our extensive years of expertise are at your service, as we work tirelessly to help fulfil your dreams. Join us in exploring innovative solutions and achieving success together. Feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form.

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serving customers since 2004  

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Business Consulting

Provide professional services to both private and public sectors

Data Analytics

Delivered programmes in highly regulated financial and government organisations

NHS Trusted

Trusted partner of many NHS trusts and national regulatory bodies


Provide governance and assurance for highly complex change programmes.

Custom development

Inventing innovative solutions when none exist

Trusted Partner

Delivering solutions in diverse industries everytime